5 Ways to Save your Money on Your Order

Order in Bulk

First and foremost choice to get a nice bargaining price is to order in bulk. We have discounted rate chart for ordering 2000 Pcs and more.

Order in Right Quantity

Rather than ordering a fractional quantity you can round up your order quantity in hundreds to get a fixed price assigned for 100s. i.e. you can order 100 Pcs rather not 75 pcs or 80 pcs to get a fixed price for 100 pcs assigned for your country zone. We calculate prices in 100s so if your order quantity is fractional it higher the unit price eventually. Therefore, you always can save up while ordering in hundreds.

Get Coupon

For our frequent buyers we have special discount coupon offered quite often. You also can enjoy discount coupon on ordering us frequently. Fingers crossed! And Good Luck!!

Like Us

Like us on social networks and join in our promo team, it is a fun way to receive a special registration process to get free bands and discounts. So enjoy saving on your next order being our team.

Share Us

There is an amazing way to get surprising discounts on each share you make on your social pages. Share us on facebook, twitter, circles wherever you are and get your discount scheme active on our system.