In today world, child safety is a top priority. Our wristbands can help assist child safety efforts through identification. The wristbands we offer are non-transferable, durable, and waterproof. In this type you can have parents contact imprinted on the bands.

This same system can be used by having the daycare staff keep a log with the names of each child and their parent(s) and writing the wristband serial number in the log for additional recordkeeping and verification.

Writing parent or guardian contact info (such as cell phone number) on the wristbands is one of the easiest ways to use stock wristbands for child safety. Our stock wristbands are inexpensive, disposable and one-size-fits all, making them an ideal choice for temporary child ID for these types of environments where a child could become separated from his/her parents or group:
  • Shopping Centres / Malls
  • Fairs / Festivals
  • Parks
  • Zoos / Museums
  • Amusement Parks / Water Parks
  • Sporting Events / Stadiums / Race Tracks
  • Auditoriums / Performing Arts Centres