QR Wristbands

Quick Response (QR) Code Wristbands feature a two-dimensional bar code, that when scanned or read with a Smartphone, link to your website, call your 800 number, download digital content, or create a calendar event. With QR wristbands you can exchange information in many other ways to stay connected with your guest! Since QR Codes are free, you can add a compelling mobile experience at a little to no cost. With a quick scan, your guest can become a follower on Twitter or a fan on Facebook. Connect directly with your guests on a one-to-one basis to give them incentives, offers, & more reasons to choose your business. Position your organization as savvy and high-tech. Get valuable metrics and easily measure responses. Allow customers to quickly take action. It provides another medium for advertising & sponsorship. We can print your QR on our 1” or 3/4th Inch silicone wristbands or on tyvek. We can generate your free QR and print on your bands.