When organizing college events with large crowds of people, access control and safety are critical. Wristbands are a helpful tool to identify authorised event guests or other special groups. If alcohol is served at your event, you need to identify people who are 21 and over. Using different coloured wristbands can help you colour code different groups of people, such as VIP access, volunteers, general admission, alumni, etc.

Use college wristbands for age identification at events where alcohol is served. The security staff needs to check the ID credential of each person and then apply a non-transferable wristband to identify those who are of legal age to drink alcohol. This speeds up concession lines for increased spending and quicker service because your servers can quickly identify who they can serve without rechecking ID each time. Check out our Over 21 and Please Drink Responsibly Tyvek Wristbands.

Custom printing your college wristbands is a great way to promote school spirit while also preventing counterfeits. You can add your school logo, event name, dates, sponsor logos to the custom wristbands. A great way to cover the cost of your wristband program is to sell advertising space on the wristbands to sponsors looking to target college students. Some ideas for potential sponsors could be cell phone providers, retailers, restaurants, etc. Also can have event based wristbands for any campaign or for class year end or beginning program.