Big Face

Our Vinyl Wristbands, display your compnay logo and ad message in front of your customers while they eat and drink or enjoying a party or any occation. It will also secure inveted guest entry and stop unwanted entry effectively. Vinyl Wristbands are also water proof and very durable
Big Face Vinyl Wristbands
Woven Fabric Wristbands

L Shape

Place your logo on more commonly used L Shame Wristbands. Waterproof , durable and secure plastic clip makes iit completely secure. Customized print on wide range color selection can be a very good option for your party, enents. It also can prevent unwanted entry and promote your logo and besiness name.


Vinyl Wristbands for events are waterproof and durable and secure. Ideal for Multi-day use and /or rugged wear. 5 TAB Vinyl Wristbands can be used for ticket or pass for different facilities in many ocations and events.
5 Tab Vinyl Wristbands
For a long lasting and more durable wristband, which can be comfortable worn for several days, we recommend our Vinyl Wristbbands,. Available in either Big Face, L Shape and 5 Tab format. We have the largest range of colours offered anywhere worldwide. The security level is increased by a secure plastic clip, which once fastened cannot be opened. In fact the only way to remore the band is to cut it off!