Custom club wristbands allow nightclubs and bars to benefit from using wristbands for age identification, general admission, and access control. The nightclub wristbands are non-transferable and brightly colored to make it easy for your staff to visually verify that a patron has paid the cover charge and had their ID verified. Other special access patrons can also be identified using a club wristband, such as access to VIP lounges, concerts, banquets, etc.

Want to speed up alcohol concession lines for increased spending and quicker service? Then use our wristbands for clubs as a simple, effective method of age identification for your patrons who are 21 and over or of legal drinking age. Simply check patrons' IDs once at the door and then apply the non-transferable wristband to approved patrons. Your servers can then quickly identify who they can serve without re-checking ID each time.

Custom printing with your club's logo can turn your wristbands into advertisement tool. You can even sell wristband advertising space to sponsors and print sponsor logos on your bar wristbands. How about printing a drink special on the wristbands to promote a premium brand and increase sales? Plus, custom printing with your logo helps entrance security.