WRISTBANDS FOR Hotel & Resorts

VIP Band hotel wristbands serve as highly visible, non-transferable wrist tickets that are worn by your guests. Whether you use them to identify paid guests or for special access (fitness center, swimming pool, banquets, parties, concerts, etc.), hotel wristbands allow your staff to see if guests are in permitted areas or if there are unauthorised people on your property. Identify special parties or groups of guests (corporate, convention, wedding party, family reunion, etc.) with different coloured hotel wristbands.

Custom printing allows you to turn your hotel's wristband into ad making tool to promote word of mouth. Custom print your wristbands with your logo, sponsors' logos, special offers or promotions, etc. Many sponsors will even help pay for your resort wristband program (sponsorship) if you print their logos on the bands.Custom printing your motel wristbands with your logo also helps prevent counterfeits.

If you're serving alcohol, VIP Band wristbands can provide age identification. Simply check patrons' IDs once at the door and then apply the non-transferable wristband to approved patrons. Your servers can then quickly identify who they can serve without rechecking ID each time. Using wristbands can help speed up alcohol concession lines for increased spending and quicker service.