WRISTBANDS FOR Staudium & Race Tracks

Everyone knows that wristbands are the perfect form of ticketing and identification for venues with large crowds. They act as highly visible, non-transferable wrist tickets that are worn by your attendees. Whether you use them for general admission or special access (VIP areas, back stage pass, press pass, luxury seats, etc), wristbands allow your staff to see if patrons are where they should be.

Custom printing allows you to turn your wristband into tool for advertisement. Print wristbands with your logo, sponsors' logos, dates, special offers, etc. You can sell advertising space on your wristbands and get sponsors to pay for your entire wristband program. Provide sponsors with the demographics of your audience and how your wristbands will be worn by each person at your venue. This isn't signage. It's actually worn on the hand of each person!

If you serve alcohol at your venue, wristbands are ideal for age identification. Simply check patrons' IDs once at the door and then apply the non-transferable wristband to approved patrons. Your servers can then quickly identify who they can serve without rechecking ID each time. Using wristbands can help speed up alcohol concession lines for increased spending, quicker service, and guest satisfaction.

Serial numbered wristbands are also great for pre-ticket sales for concerts or large events where tickets are limited. They can also be used for contests and raffles.

Put parents' minds at ease and take a proactive approach with a lost children identification program. Write parents' names and cell phone numbers on the back of children's wristbands so your security staff can quickly reunite lost children with their parents at stadium or race tracks.